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     Transfer from Tbilisi to Telavi


Transfer from Tbilisi to Telavi

Transfer from Tbilisi to Telavi
Book a private transfer from Tbilisi to Telavi by private vehicle and reach your destination according to your schedule. We will pick you up at the airport, hotel, train station or any other place in Tbilisi and drive you safely to your next stop in Telavi.
Transfer Tbilisi to Telavi

Tbilisi to Telavi

For everyone who does not want to go to Telavi by minibus, we advise you to use the transfer service. When ordering, you can quickly and comfortably get to the city, choose a car and driver based on real reviews, and also stop along the way.
Taxi Tbilisi to Telavi

How to Get from by minibus?

The minibus is the only type of public transport that can be used to get to Telavi. Direct flights depart from the bus stations Ortachala (Kakheti direction) and Samgori. If you see or see information about what can be reached from the Isani bus station, inquire about these connecting flights.Departure point: Ortachala bus station (Guliya street 1), Samori bus station (Moskovsky prospect 2)
Kakheti, Georgia’s premier wine region, is a must-see when travelling in the Caucasus.In Georgia, wine is so tied up with local culture, it’s difficult to imagine one without the other. Visiting the Alazani Valley in Kakheti, the main wine-growing region in eastern Georgia, is an experience you won’t soon forget.Kakheti is Georgia’s largest region by area and has a whole lot to offer travellers apart from wine – including fortresses, cave monasteries, hilltop churches, isolated villages, and trekking in some of the nation’s most spectacular national parks. Telavi, the region’s biggest city, and Sighnaghi, it’s most picturesque, are both logical starting points for exploring Kakheti.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]
  • Tbilisi to Telavi – Sedan ($ USD)
  • Tbilisi to Telavi – Minibus ($ USD)
  • Tbilisi to Telavi – Minibus ($ USD)
  • Tbilisi to Telavi – Bus ($ USD)